Incident Response "Choose Your Own Adventure" Event

April 29th, 1-5PM Eastern

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This team-based exercise will put you in the shoes of the various decision makers involved in every incident response strategy. How will your team fare? It all depends on the decisions you make along the way in this true-to-life IR scenario!

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How It Works...

This incident response experience is a real-world exercise modeled on events of the past or an anticipated outcome for the future. Participants are divided into teams and must work together to identify the real threat to provide a proper and thorough response. The exercise is not a competition, it is a mission to work as a team to combat sophisticated attacks. Experts from IntegraONE and the Tech Data Cyber Range will be there to guide you throughout the event!

Communication Is Key

This event highlights the importance of communication between different levels of an organization in an incident response scenario. Teams will work together in separate breakout rooms, with the help of Cyber Range experts.

Choose Your Own Adventure

All decisions will be made by participants. Teams will take on different roles within the company, from C-suite to technical experts, and react in real-time to the unfolding strategy. 

Team-Based Learning

After each activity segment in this 4-hour event, participants will debrief the decisions their teams have made,  and assess their impact on the incident response strategy implementation. It's a chance to engage and share knowledge with your peers!

"This is a truly unique experience. I am confident our clients will come away from this event with a better appreciation of the importance of having an IR plan in place, and new knowledge to incorporate into their own IR preparations.  We are excited to partner with Tech Data Cyber Range on this event, and thank them for their support."

Director of Security Services, IntegraONE

What Participants Have Said About This Event

“[What I liked most was] simulating the different levels of the company. […] Requiring interaction between them really gave a different perspective that was worthwhile.”
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2020 Virtual IR Event
“I loved that it was an interactive training [that] challenged you to think outside of the box and understand the many different nuances that should be considered during a cyber attack.”
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2020 Virtual IR Event
“I enjoyed the use of the break out rooms […]. [It] made the experience seem less "virtual" and more like I was working with the team in person. I also enjoyed the whole background to the attack we were given. Felt like a real attack.”
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2020 IR Virtual Event

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